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Vol. 39 Núm. 79 (2022)
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Samuel Tawiah Baidoo, Franklin Bedakiyiba Baajike, Enock Kojo Ayesu, Paul Owusu Takyi, Adou Niango, Sika Antoine Brice, Majune Kraido Socrates, Alícia Cechin, Carlos A. Charris, Fernanda Aparecida Silva, Gilberto Joaquim Fraga, Javiera Salas Zorrilla, Verónica Farreras, Aníbal David Cuenca López, Evandro, Camargos Teixeira, Denilson Oliveira da Silva, Lilian Lopes Ribeiro, Roberto Tatiwa Ferreira, Edward, Martins Costa, Pablo Urano de Carvalho Castelar,Áydano Ribeiro Leite, Cássio da Nóbrega Bessaria, André Luis Mota dos Santos, Fernando Fernandes Neto, Elena V. Sapir, Alexander D. Vasilchenko, Alexis Esposto, Malcolm Abbott, My Tran

Códigos JEL: C22, F10, O40, F14, C41, O55,  C01, F21, F23, Q01, Q56, C25, H54, I32, I31, E62, E63, H60, F15, F23, F01, F13, F14, F21, F42, F50

Publicado: 2022-06-25


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