Focus and Scope

Latin American Applied Research is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high quality research communications in the scientific branches of:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Applied Chemistry
  • Heat & Mass Transfer
  • Applied Mechanics
  • Control & Information Processing

Peer Review Process

The following items compose the peer-review policies of Latin American Applied Research:

  • Manuscripts are admitted for review only when prepared in the “LAAR camera ready format” using MS Word or Latex (templates availables in author guidelines site)
  • Once a manuscript is accepted for review by the Editor-in-Chief, an identification code and a Subject Editor is assigned to the manuscript, and the authors are notified accordingly
  • The Subject Editor is in charge of the entire review process. Therefore, any inquiry about the status of the manuscript should be directed to him. Besides the Subject Editor's own opinion, each manuscript is submitted to the evaluation of two peer reviewers
  • Authors can follow the state of their manuscript through this site
  • The names of reviewers are kept confidential and the manuscript will not be returned to the authors
  • The estimated time for revision is four weeks
  • Once a final decision is taken by the Subject Editor and in case the paper is accepted the authors should submit to him the final version in the source file format (Word or Latex). The Subject Editor submits the accepted version of the manuscript to the Editorial Office for style review. Then the authors receive a galley proof for final acceptance
  • After style review is completed, manuscripts are treated as “accepted papers”, waiting for the printing queue and published immediately in this site


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Sources of Support

Latin American Applied Research is generously sponsored by: