Existence and multiplicity of solutions for $p$-Kirchhoff-type Neumann problems


  • Qin Jiang Department of Mathematics, Huanggang Normal University, Hubei 438000, China
  • Sheng Ma Department of Mathematics, Huanggang Normal University, Hubei 438000, China
  • Daniel Paşca Department of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Oradea, University Street 1, 410087 Oradea, Romania




We establish, based on variational methods, existence theorems for a $p$-Kirchhoff-type Neumann problem under the Landesman–Lazer type condition and under the local coercive condition. In addition, multiple solutions for a $p$-Kirchhoff-type Neumann problem are established using a known three-critical-point theorem proposed by H. Brezis and L. Nirenberg.


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